Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bird Injuries During Uttarayan.....

                                                              Except thinking of getting good job or admission in good college, we should also think of our society surrounding us and also we should do something that could be initiating of something big... however if we cant think something big to initiate we can join many groups who have already initiated all the things for welfare of our society.
                                                              At one evening, i saw message inviting to be part of group who save birds injured due to manja during uttarayan. I was seeking some opportunity to do something new this uttarayan so i joined them. I learned many more things as i worked with them. First we planned how to do that and then we completed that work with great enthusiasm.. it was really  great experience.
                                                            Let me explain you with example how this uttarayan festival's kite flying enjoyment is ridiculous. There is one city named Gandhinagar. There are about 1,32,000 people in this city. There was one festival(don't think about uttarayan for now) where all people could enjoy and get very much excitement + thrills... Everybody  could enjoy but every year  this festival caused death  of  minimum 20 people and  injury to uncountable people. okay..  now, will you be in favor of this festival to get that much of excitement or you will oppose celebrating this festival??? if there is something like 'heart' inside you, you will surely oppose this festival. Now the same thing applies to  uttrayan's kite flying enjoyment. Only in gandhinagar there are more than 20 bird injuries.. In ahmedabad  1000 bird injured seriously and 22 birds are dead. Also not only injuries are limited only to birds but this year 500 people injured due to kite flying and also 2 people died. Now, would you encourage kite flying or oppose?????!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its on you guys...


Anonymous said...

It seems to look like u hate this festival!! I know that this is harmful and even I have not celebrated this festival since last 3 years!
But it is the festival when all enjoy. If u think, then Diwali is also not good because of crackers!
But we should be more careful and should make people aware rather than asking them not to celebrate this!
By the way,Nice thought.
Keep writing!

chinmay said...

Thanx. I'll surely more concentrate in awareness next time during uttarayan.