Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ae insaan... wah re teri insaniat.....

             Bull Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
             what's wrong with this atmosphere???? u must be thinking 'chinmay is gone mad'..... wait .. wait ...... i'm not gone mad but this atmosphere is gonna make me mad as its cloudy atmosphere here in gujarat from 10 days and also coldness of winter.....!! ah its tooo much....
                           The thing is that here in gujarat from last days in winter time, its cloudy atmosphere and also its raining heavily in gujarat. These all things are because of pollution. our earth is sick and we have to help it.... however we know that these crackers are harming our earth we use them and also fly kites however we are knowing that it ruins biodiversity of our earth..... no one in this earth cares.....everybody waits till some one start are yaar start by your self and this world will follow you... there might be someone thinking like me to start if you are thinking that you want to participate you can by filling one form of rules and those rules will not be given by me as u know you well. and put that form in your pocket it will remind you rules.
                                                 Diwali is a festival celebrated and enjoyed by children and elders alike with crackers.  But did anybody thought how the air is being polluted because of crackers? Crackers are increasing the air pollution by 200%.  This was revealed in a study conducted by ‘Chest Research Foundation’ of Pune.  Toxins and Chemical component are released in to the air because of crackers.  These are death noose for asthma patients.  This pollution is the reason for bronchial asthma in children between 6 and 12 years of age.  Burning crackers release 75% Potassium Nitrate, 15% Carbon, 10% Sulphur in to the air.  Harmful gases like Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Manganese, Cadmium etc have adverse affect on the lungs and leads to asthma.  Every year 10 to 15 asthma patients are admitted in to hospitals on the day after Diwali.  30 – 40% of total patients admitted in to hospitals from Diwali to February are Asthma patients.  Doctors are advising asthma patients to stay away from crackers.  Healthy persons without any respiratory problems are also coming to hospitals with cough and breathlessness now a day.  These people amount to 30% of the patients.  In other 20% people, symptoms like eye burns, running nose, allergy symptoms and skin rashes are seen.  Cause for this is the increasing levels of pollution in air due to burning of crackers.

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Its realy realy true, chinmay